Prepping doesn’t require spending a lot of money all at once. One of the most common statements potential preppers and beginning preppers make is ” I would love to prep but I just don’t have the budget”.

Hey, I hear you. I have been really broke too. I don’t always have extra to spend on preps. Some of you may see some of the gear reviews I have done and think that I have some neat extras but the truth is that places send me a lot of those things so that I can give an honest review.

This evening I sat down with my husband Matt and we came up with this list of 150 items that you can pick up for under $15. In fact a lot of these items are under $10. In some cases I have listed how many of something you can get for under $15. For example when I say 12 lbs of peanut butter I am talking about buying 3 containers at $5 each. Maybe you just have an extra $5 so you can only buy one jar. That is still really good. Small investments in preps really start to add up and doing something is better than not prepping at all.

Click here to download a copy of this list that you can print out and have on hand whenever you want it! I am going to make an effort to make articles and lists on this site easy to save or print. You may have some of these items already. The print out has handy checkboxes that you can use to keep track of what you have on hand. If you have any trouble please let me know and I will email you a copy!

It may be worth considering highlighting items that you want to get first so you can just focus on those and check them off as you can afford to buy them. You may want to pull this list out when doing your monthly online shopping or even keep it handy when shopping at stores.

I have linked out to some items. Any purchase you make after clicking on a link I get a small commission for which allows me to maintain this site for you and it doesn’t cost you any extra money. Thank you in advance for your support.

  1. Matches
  2. Lighters
  3. Paracord
  4. 2 Large Cans of Beef
  5. 8 cans of Chicken
  6. 20 lbs of Rice
  7. 10-15 lbs of Beans
  8. Flour
  9. Fishing Line and Hooks
  10. 2 Large Containers of Parmesan Cheese
  11. Several Cans of Coffee
  12. Tea
  13. Borax
  14. Baking Soda
  15. 3 Dak Hams
  16. 6 cans of Peppered Kippers (An excellent substitute for expensive smoked salmon and trout!)
  17. Water Purification Tablets
  18. Blood Stop Powder
  19. Box of Assorted Bandages
  20. 12 lbs of Peanut Butter
  21. Pasta
  22. 2 Large Tubes of Triple Antibiotic Ointment
  23. Witch Hazel 2 or more containers depending on the brand
  24. Bleach
  25. Oxi Clean
  26. Broom and Dust Pan
  27. 12 Bars of Zote Soap
  28. 15 Bars of Fels Naptha
  29. 3 boxes of Washing Soda
  30. Juice Boxes
  31. Candles
  32. Canning Jars
  33. Sterno Fuel
  34. 20 lbs of Kosher Salt
  35. Condiments
  36. Rechargeable Batteries
  37. Flashlight
  38. Knife
  39. Can Opener
  40. Pens
  41. Paper
  42. Disposable Razors
  43. Wet Wipes
  44. Dish Soap
  45. Glue
  46. Duct Tape
  47. Hammer
  48. Screwdriver
  49. Pry Bar
  50. Tire Patch Kit
  51. Bread Yeast
  52. Brewing Yeast
  53. A few lbs of nails
  54. Clothes Pins
  55. Washboard
  56. Storage Totes
  57. Garden Seeds
  58. Mashed Potatoes
  59. Corn Meal
  60. Oats
  61. Corn Grits
  62. Cooking Oil
  63. Light Bulbs
  64. Flares
  65. Hand Warmers
  66. Socks
  67. Underwear
  68. T-Shirt Packs
  69. Gun Oil
  70. Bore Cleaner such as Hoppes #9
  71. Cotton Balls
  72. Saline
  73. Magnifying Glass
  74. Small 1lb Propane Canisters
  75. Propane Cylinder Stove
  76. Alcohol Stove
  77. Sponges
  78. Wash Clothes
  79. Toilet Paper
  80. Paper Towels
  81. Vinegar
  82. Ammonia
  83. Alcohol Prep Pads
  84. Cheap Liquor
  85. Charging Cables (USB or similar)
  86. Paper Plates
  87. Disposable Cutlery
  88. Tarp
  89. Safety Glasses
  90. Ear Plugs
  91. Desiccant Gel
  92. Zip Loc Bags
  93. Used Books
  94. Aluminum Foil
  95. Saran Wrap
  96. Knife Sharpener
  97. Ferro Rod
  98. Funnels
  99. Fuel Stabilizer
  100. Trash Bags
  101. Cooler Bag
  102. Spray Bottles
  103. Locks
  104. Trip Wire Alarm ( Combine with string or paracord and stretch across entry points)
  105. Sugar
  106. Cat Food
  107. Feed Corn
  108. Small Bag of Dog Food
  109. Charcoal
  110. Emergency Water Filter
  111. Nalgene Water Bottle
  112. Emergency Lantern
  113. Ratcheting Straps
  114. Quick Links
  115. Carabiners
  116. Rope
  117. Length of Chain
  118. Sharpie Markers
  119. Pickling Lime
  120. Iostat Radiation Tablets
  121. Vitamins
  122. Emergen-C Drink Mixes
  123. Amoxicillin
  124. Curad Silver Antimicrobial Gel
  125. Ace Bandages
  126. French Press
  127. Aspirin
  128. Benadryl
  129. Ibuprofen
  130. Tylenol
  131. Antacids
  132. SD Cards for storing ebooks, music, pics, and other important data.
  133. Screen Repair Tape
  134. Insect Repellent
  135. Pepper Spray
  136. Self Defense Keychain
  137. Poison Ivy Tablets
  138. Lidocaine Topical Numbing Cream
  139. Hat
  140. Belt
  141. Sunscreen
  142. Aloe Vera Gel
  143. Butane
  144. Zippo Lighters
  145. Candle Wicks
  146. Flints
  147. Bandannas
  148. Lip Balm/Chapstick
  149. Mouse or Rat Traps
  150. Condoms

What would you add to this list of preps under $15? Please share in the comments below!

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