About Samantha

 Samantha learned the foundation of preparedness on the banks of the Skagit River in the North Cascades of Washington State while being raised by a single father who saw heavy combat in Vietnam during the Tet Offensive. At 16 she moved with her dad to his home state of North Carolina where she worked on some farm projects before attending Warren Wilson College and graduating with a degree in Environmental Studies with an emphasis in Sustainable Forestry. After college, she and her future husband spent a few years in Ketchikan, Alaska before returning to North Carolina and moving into a small 1970s Holiday Rambler camper on 11 acres of family land given to her by her father. This is when the adventure of building a house and farming began! Over the years her articles have appeared in various homesteading magazines such as GRIT, Back Home, Backwoods Home, and Countryside and Small Stock Journal. She is currently a managing editor and writer at Ready To Go Survival.  Samantha was previously the editor-in-chief at Backdoor Survival. Her writing can also be found on Lew Rockwell,  The Organic Prepper , and ZeroHedge. Her husband, Matthew Biggers takes all the original pictures used in her articles and occasionally writes a few himself!

Samantha and Matthew can be reached at the email addresses below.

Samantha Biggers sam@samanthabiggers.com.

Matthew Biggers matt@samanthabiggers.com