Augason Farms 72 and 48 hr Emergency Food Supply Review

There is a lot of survival food to choose from. Preppers need to be careful when purchasing food buckets. They are not all the same, and just because one cost’s more doesn’t necessarily mean it is any better. I have found Augason Farm’s products to be a decent and affordable solution for those that want space-efficient emergency food storage.

I purchased two food buckets with my own money, so I can show you what to expect when you buy Augason Farm’s basic emergency food buckets.

It should not come as a surprise that there is no meat in these kits at this price point. However, they are affordable enough that you can add some cans of meat and still stick to a decent emergency food budget.

Using these buckets, you can enjoy over 2,000 calories per day for under $7 per day. While that is more expensive than rice and beans, the prep time and variety is well worth the extra expense during a short term emergency. All of the foods in Augason buckets take less than 25 minutes to prepare and require simmering with some water. During a short term emergency, I think that boiling beans for 4 hours to get them tender is not something a lot of people want to do even if they have the ability to do so.

I also think it is worth pointing out that even if what you think is a short term emergency becomes a longer one, it is nice to have something easy and fast to prepare while you figure things out a bit.

All Augason Farms Food Kits have a 25-year shelf life. The kits in this review are easy to stack in a cabinet or stash under your bed. Buckets stack securely on top of each other, so you could fit a lot of these in a closet or make use of the vertical space in the bottom of big cabinets.

Augason Farms 48 Hour 4 Person Kit


This kit is designed to sustain a family of 4 for 2 days or a single person for 5 days. The kit provides an average of 2,182 calories per day per person. I appreciate how Augason provides a realistic amount of calories per day in their kits. It is very frustrating when kits try to say that 1800 calories are enough for an adult for a day during an emergency when they may be doing more physical labor or living under colder conditions.

Included Entrees

    • Buttermilk Pancakes
    • Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal
    • Creamy Chicken Flavored Rice
    • Macaroni & Cheese
    • Creamy Potato Soup

Total Calories in Bucket: 10,910

Augason Farms 72 hr Food Supply Kit-1 Person

Included Entrees:

    • Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal
    • Creamy Chicken Flavored Rice
    • Creamy Potato Soup
    • Hearty Vegetable Chicken Flavored Soup

You also get banana chips. They call this a “food variety” on the bucket label. I think it is a good addition. It gives you something to snack on or add to your oatmeal.

Total Calories in Bucket: 8,001

This bucket is designed to provide a single person with 2,667 calories per day! That is a lot. You could easily make this last for 4 days and still, get 2,000 calories without adding any additional foods to your diet. This kit is currently around $26 on Amazon.


I was surprised to see that you get a lot of banana chips to snack on. You get a full 9.31 oz, and they actually taste good. The chips are mildly sweet and actually taste like a banana. As someone who has made the mistake of buying a bulk pack of tasteless banana chips, it is nice to see that this bucket actually includes some tasty ones for your money!

I decided to make the Creamy Potato Soup since it is an entree that both buckets share.

Note: The contents of the bag settle during shipping. When you first open the bag, all the powdered ingredients are on the top, and the solid potato pieces and larger spices are on the bottom. I took a spoon and mixed it up since I only wanted to fix a few servings at once. You can see in the photo below that after doing this, there are small chunks of potato at the top.


The package contains 8 servings, and the instructions call for using the whole bag at once. It is easy to figure out the ratio of water to mix if you want to cook less. Just look at the nutrition facts. 1/3 cup of soup mix is a serving, and the instructions say to add 8 cups of water for the whole 8 serving pouch, so you use 1/3 cup mix to 1 cup of water.

The soup should be simmered for 10-15 minutes with frequent stirring. I looked away for a few minutes while it was boiling, and it was sticking a little on the bottom so the stirring part of the instructions is important!

The soup got thick fast, so I added ¼ cup more water and then even more towards the end of the cooking time. I advise using 1.25 cups per serving to start with instead of the 1 cup the instructions tell you to use.


This soup is actually delicious and not too salty. I have forced myself to finish some survival foods, but I didn’t have to with this soup. If you have a box of crackers or a loaf of bread stashed, you could make a really hearty and filling meal. This soup on its own is still quite good and feels comforting on a cold day.


Specialized Diets

I am sensitive to a lot of wheat products and uncultured dairy. I can eat everything in the 72 hr 1 person kit. Yes, the soup contains a tiny amount of wheat flour for thickener, but it was not enough to bother me. I cannot eat a lot of the foods in the 48 hr 4 person kit.

I always encourage preppers to look closely at ingredients lists before purchasing any survival foods, especially if you or someone close to you has any good allergies.

Most emergency survival foods contain some fillers and preservatives.

At the same time, realize that maybe you should be a little less picky in an emergency unless you are actually allergic to something, of course. I am not going to worry about a few preservatives or a little extra salt in survival food. Augason Farms does a good job of keeping the fillers and preservatives to a minimum. Sure they use potatoes, rice, and oatmeal generously, but at least they don’t charge insane prices for it as Valley Food Storage does.


I like these food buckets because they taste good and allow a person on a budget to put back some emergency food that offers the following:

    • Easy to store and stack
    • Lightweight
    • 25-year shelf life
    • Reusable high-quality bucket
    • Easy to prepare

If you want an inexpensive 8-10 day food supply, buy 2 of the buckets I reviewed and then buy 12 small cans of chicken or ham. This is far less money than other emergency food options, and it is easy to add up how much emergency food you have on hand.

I also have to point out that these buckets are so lightweight that you could throw them in your vehicle if you have to evacuate. I used to have to stay in hotels for 2-5 days during huge floods in the area I grew up. There was no kitchen in the room, but we had water and a microwave. These buckets would have been easy to prepare and more affordable than restaurant meals and some convenience foods from the grocery store’s freezer section.

While reviewing these buckets I thought about how much it costs to eat freeze-dried food on camping trips. After trying out the Augason Farms line of emergency food buckets I think it is worth considering buying a bucket for a camping trip. A few pouches of meat and you have some easy to fix and complete meals for the whole family.

Do you have a favorite inexpensive emergency food bucket? What food buckets have you tried that you found lacking? Please share in the comments below!