My Interview On The Prepper Broadcasting Network Podcast “A Family Affair”

Matt and I have been shearing sheep today. Yesterday we sprayed 1,000 grape vines in our vineyard.

Our pic snapped while cleaning up after spraying yesterday.

Tomorrow I will try to put up a full-length post. In the meantime, I wanted to share an interview I did fairly recently.

I have not done that many interviews so I am still learning a bit about speaking live. There was also an active chat room for listeners during the podcast.

This interview took place on January 12, 2019, on the podcast “A Family Affair” on The Prepper Broadcasting Network. Thanks for listening!

Samantha Biggers Interview “A Family Affair” January 12, 2019

                    Last week I sprayed the smaller vineyard with a backpack sprayer. Thankfully we have a bigger sprayer to do the larger vineyard and for when all the vines in both vineyards have a lot of leaves and fruit hanging!